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ActiPatch® Advanced 24 Hour Pain Relief - 7 Day Trial - Continuous Treatment


NO hidden charges, obligations, or fees.

    Each 7-Day Trial includes:

    • 1 ActiPatch device
    • 2 Adhesives (7-Day Supply)

        ActiPatch Works!

        Research shows that pain persists because nerves have ‘learned’ pain. When this happens, the body becomes highly sensitive to signals, leading to pain that does not go away even after the injury has healed. Drugs and TENS have limited effectiveness since they do not reduce abnormal pain signaling.

        The New Technology for Pain Relief

        ActiPatch uses new technology to safely reduce abnormal pain signaling. This advanced therapy reaches into the painful area to provide relief at the source. ActiPatch can be used 24/7.

        ActiPatch’s Unmatched Benefits

        • Improves quality of life by allowing better sleep
        • Allows easier movement for daily activities
        • Drug-free, no harmful side effects
        • Affordable therapy, at just a few cents per hour

        Guaranteed pain relief with proper device use or your money back.

        Please allow 1 week for delivery via USPS.

        7 Day Trial is also available on!

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